Who we are?
The Sendenyu Community Biodiversity Conservation started in 2001 with a vision to preserve and to protect the rich biological diversity heritage of the Sendenyu people. In order to enforce conservation (within the Sendenyu land), ‘the Sendenyu Village Conservation Act 2001’ was passed by the Sendenyu Village Council, wherein rules and regulations were set up, which ultimately became law within the land for protection and preservation of the fauna & flora. With the passing of the ‘Act’, a committee, initially called as ‘Sendnyu Village Wildlife Protection Committee’ was set up, which was later changed to the ‘Sendenyu Community Biodiversity & Wildlife Conservation Committee’. The Committee consist of Chairman, Advisers, Members and Treasurer.

Vision & Mission
Since its inception & early contribution towards the community biodiversity reserve, the committee has undertaken numerous steps to maintain the biodiversity and preservation of the Sendenyu forest. The Committee envisage a misionary vision for maintaining and preserving the biodiveristy of sendenyu Village.

Sendenyu Village Community Biodiversity Conservation Committee Members:
Chairman – Mr. Gwasinlo Thong
Members :-
Mr. Joshua Bukh
Mr. Shasinlo Kent
Mr. Loshubu Kent
Mr. Gwayenlo Kemp
Mr. Tsonga Seb
Mr. Kegwalo Kemp
Mr. Yhunlony├╝ Seb
Mr. Zeneituo Kent
Mr. Kegwahue Kemp (New Sendenyu)
President Sendenyu Youth Organisation (Ex-officio Member)
Chairman Sendenyu (Old) Village Council (Ex-officio Member)
Chairman, Sendenyu New Village Council (Ex-officio Member)
Chairman, Thongsunyu Village Council (Ex-officio Member)
Village Development Board (VDB) Secretary of :- Sendenyu Old, Sendenyu New and Thongsunyu Village.
Women VDB Secretaries of :- Sendenyu Old, Sendenyu New and Thongsunyu Village.

Advisors :-
Dr. S. Kemp
Mr. Ravolie Ex Chairman Sendenyu (old) Village Council
Mr. Jilo Bukh
Treasurer: Mr. Yhunthonlo Seb