Forest Conservation Area

Vast areas of the forest is being protected under Sendenyu Village Wildlife Protection Area. The Conservation of these forest areas is vital for the animals and birds living in these forest as it provides a natural habitat for those species of animals and brids dwelling in these forest areas.
Numerous species of birds and animal species can be found in these forest. It is also abundantly rich in natural flora and fauna. The Committee has been constituted to look after the preservation and the protection of the forest so as to maintain ecological biodiversity in the forest.


Hogbadger being released

Here is a picture of villagers from Sendenyu releasing a hogbadger into the wild forest. A hogbadger was rescued by villagers from Sendenyu village, and it was properly treated and fed well to allow the hogbadger to regain its strenght and gain full fitness.
Once the hogbadger was ready to be out in the wild, the villagers took it and released it into the wild forest under Sendenyu Wildlife Protected Forest conservation area. This is just one of the few incidents in which a wild animal has been rescued and treated and then released into the wild once it is ready.


Rescued baby Sambar with wounds

A baby sambar was rescued by local villagers of Sendenyu. The baby was hurt and wounded, so it was brought to the village where it was taken care of by the villagers. The picture shows the villagers attending to the baby sambar.

It was well treated and well fed till it could recover from it wounds and injuries..Sambars are normally found in Sendenyu forest. they are amongst some of the rare species of animals dwelling in the forest of Sendenyu. great care has been taken to rescue these rare species and to preserve them.


Rescued wild Hogbadger

A wild hogbadger was resuced by Sendenyu villagers. it was treated and fed well by the villagers and realeased into the wild forest once it was fully fit again. Hogbadgers are also amongst some of the rare species of animals found in Sendenyu forest.

The Committee is taking great care to preserve these rare species dwelling within the forest of sendenyu. Various steps have been taken by the committee to enforce various laws regarding the preservation of the forest and the wildlife habitats living in the region.


Mt. Prayer

Mount Prayer is a prayer center constructed on top of a hill in Sendenyu Village. It was constructed under a scheme provided by the Sendenyu wildlife Protection Committe. The works and constructions were monitored by local villagers and a huge amount of social and community works was put into building this Mt. Prayer.

It is basically a prayer center for the entire village. Prayer Centers have great significance in villages especially in Sendenyu Village where majority of the population are Christians.

Free LPG Distribution in Sendenyu Village
The picture shows a man receiving an LPG unit from an official. Under Sendenyu Village wildlife and Environment Protection, a free LPG distribution to the villagers was held. It was organised by the Sendenyu Village Wildlife Protection Committee and sponsored by the Kohima district Social Forestry Development Agency. Under these programme many villagers were provided free LPG units which otherwise would not have been afordable for most villagers. This is one of the many community works being carried out by the Wildlife Protection Committee.